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There is no easy way to sum up Florence. It’s an impossible task. There is no describing the feeling of your first sun-lit afternoon wandering the streets of Florence, convinced you may have accidentally wandered onto a movie set or through a time machine.

Florence looks much the way it has for centuries, with no small degree of character, artistic sensibility and style. Called the Italian capitol of culture by some and recently named #1 city in Europe by Conde Nast Traveler magazine, Florence thrives on this modern celebration of its phenomenal past.

Home to over 300,000 people, the city maintains a sense of calm despite the masses of people.

Getting married in this city is something that can’t be described; you’ll just have to go out and experience it.

Florence is one of the most popular wedding destinations in the world. It has so much to offer to create a truly unique event.

Everywhere you look in the city and its countryside, all you can see is breathtaking scenery, classic art and magnificent architecture. This makes this city a romantic and mind-filling place for everybody to get married under the Tuscan sun.

In Florence, you can be married in a palazzo that holds the statute of David by Michelangelo, or the ceremony can take place in the impressive and historic Palazzo Vecchio. The backdrop for your wedding in Tuscany could be a venue filled of flowers and art, or it could be a romantic castle in the countryside.

You couldn’t talk about a wedding in Florence and not talk about the cuisine. An Italian wedding means a lot of food.

A buffet of sliced cured meats and cheese, like fresh creamy mozzarella and salty proscuitto, usually gets the ball rolling. Then, a sit down meal of  a pasta course follows.

Dessert is obviously the wedding cake, which could be a towering millefoglie with layer upon layer of pastry and cream.

The choice is yours and the options are just about endless in this beautiful city renowned for its cookery.

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