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As the herd of photographers gathered around the steps of the Lincoln Center,  yelling at all the women attending the event, to pose for them, I realized that these ladies dress for this event, just to get the attention of the photographers and have their picture taken. This is not real street style!

The real street style, from which many designers get inspiration to design their collections, is really casual and unpretentious. Don’t get me wrong! All these ladies look gorgeous! It’s just that is not spontaneous. There is not much originality and creativity. Most of the outfits are created by stylists that come with them with the wish of been noticed too.

Even though I was a little disappointed, I enjoyed taking pictures of many ensembles that caught my attention. Even the outrageous outfits were worth to be photographed. I gave up to the evident premise and took pictures of the women posing; but most of the pictures I took, were while people were walking from one point to the next, without noticing being photographed. Mostly candid shots.

In the next post I will show many of the candid shots I took from many different areas of New York.

For now just have fun with these pictures. I will continue adding a few everyday for the next week.



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