I have been watching carefully the real Paris Street Style as i walked from one place to the next one. I love to take candid camera shots, and get the real expressions and movements of the people as they pass by me.

I love to watch couples and their interaction and the way they dress, groups of female friends out shopping, women of all ages as they are busy walking and on their phones or riding their bicycles.

So far, I have seen so many kinds of style, from the classic elegance of the Chanel pleated dresses, to the grunch, the boho chic, the androgynous and the ethereal.

I don’t think I have seen much of that Parisian chic I remember from previous trips. There is a new generation taking over and are very influenced by the social  media and the different celebrities and their stylists. Besides, one thing is for sure, if you want to look chic, you need time and money. Not so much of cheap chic or style.

I have tried really hard to figure out how is it that people can be so up to date and trendy if everything is so expensive. And by expensive I mean (please no offense) hard to afford for many people.

I have gone into the stores, check prices, the flea markets, the vintage stores, and oh la la! Prices knocked me down! If your lifestyle allows you to afford it, go for it! Right now for what I’m doing, which is walking everywhere, and taking into account that I came a long way from California, to New York, London, Milan and now Paris and then Florence and a couple of more cities for 4 months, and I needed to travel light, all I can wear has to be comfortable, cozy, a little trendy, a little modern but classic, black, denim, white, and military green with a touch of whimsy. The climate changed in Paris yesterday, the one day I decided to wear a white tank top, ripped jeans and a leather jacket, just in case, I was freezing! Thankfully as I walked the temperature of my body raised and made it through. Today, I’m planning on being prepared.



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