As the old saying goes, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a simple step. So first things first. I have to get to New York!
Once there, I have to make it there. If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere! Isn’t that what the lyrics of the song say?

OMG! After leaving the house this morning, I wondered if I was going to make it to the airport on time. My luck had taken a turn for the worse through the night with packing problems and not enough room in my suitcases to accommodate, everything I needed for such a long trip. So I decided to take no chances and get in the car with my two guardian angels, Antonia & Gregorio and grabbed another suitcase and my backpack and threw it in the trunk of the car to repack all those little things (junk) that use a lot of space and after your trip you wonder why you brought it with you, once I got the airport.

With a heavy heart and holding my tears, I drove to the airport thinking about my four doggies (my babies). We have been through so much the last three years and we are always together. They only have me and I don’t want them to suffer, but I owe to myself this “once in a lifetime” opportunity. So I have to trust my guardian angel Antonia and look ahead of me. The future awaits.

I finally made it on time and was able to quickly repack all the accouterments in the new bag and send them as luggage with the airline. (which meant I had to pay extra. Grrrr)

As I made my way through the airport, I was able to get to the gate on time with twenty extra minutes to breath and look around me. I always loved people watching, hence my passion for street style.
Of all the people waiting to board the plane today, just one woman was dressed in pure street style. I was not able to take her picture before we boarded the plane, but I’m hoping she will let me do it once we land. Military green jacket, fatigue pants and black boots, simple but chic.

The rest of all the 400 people!!! Oh my God!!!! What happened with dressing properly when traveling? Remember when you used to dress up to get on a plane? I sound like my mother. Oh no!!! I became my mother!!! Am I old? Well…… my point is, you can dress comfortably but with style.

And what was I wearing? Layers. It was really hot in Los Angeles, it was very cold in the plane and in New York this was the weather:

New York, NY
Monday 8:00 PM
84°F | °C
Precipitation: 50%
Humidity: 76%
Wind: 0 mph

So I decided to wear my ripped jeans, white tank shirt under a blue Oxford shirt, my new super comfortable black Adidas sneakers and a military looking heavy jacket with black leather sleeves. I felt comfortable, chic and cool.

I will be posting pictures of my outfit and hopefully pictures of the other lady and the rest of the people waiting to board the plane.

By the way, kudos to United Airlines! I got a really cheap ticket from CheapAir. The flight left on time, the attention in the plane was fantastic and the plane had enough room for everybody in Coach Class to sit comfortably.

I can’t wait to get to the studio (closet size), located on a landmark building in the Upper West Side,where I’m staying across the street from Central Park. I found it through Vacation Home Rentals at a very reasonable price. It will be my home away from home for the next ten days.

Sniff sniff, I miss every body but I miss my doggies the most and I’m worried about them. They are spending the night alone tonight until tomorrow when Antonia comes to the house.

These are some pictures of my home-away-from-home and the neighborhood. It’s so fantastic!!! I feel like walking on clouds!!



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