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Videos and moments of the international runway and the street style of the most representative fashion weeks of the world. Candid shots of the cities where the shows take place and the lifestyle and culture of the people from these cities. Also travel tips and best locations.

Street style of the reigning queens of fashion and also the real street style of the regular citizens, and an insight of what’s happening outside the shows before and after.

Backstage secrets, make-up and hair style insights, curiosities from the fashion world, celebrities, photo shoot, designer and model clips,

LA Social Fashionista features the interesting life of the fashion world.

In today’s speak, you might call me, an eclectic creative woman. A victorious survivor of many wars in life that have fulfilled me with wisdom, courage, and law, not to mention inspiration and the arts. I think I am one well-rounded woman. I am the mind behind this blog, and I take a page from the playbook of my namesake, showing prowess as a fashion designer, ambitious amateur chef and interior designer, newly single woman in a mission to go on an EAT, PRAY, LOVE tour, mom and as of late, a really cool grandmother.

What inspired me to start this blog?

A year and a half ago, after a summer of heartbreaks and losses, I found myself in the middle of a fork road. I felt a lull in creativity and I started LA Social Fashionista to fill the lull. I love making things beautiful, whether it’s my immediate physical environment, my clothes, my arts and crafts, or the food that I attempt to create. I wanted to share those little sparks of inspiration and see what journeys they would inspire for others.

The brand, I am LA Social, became a way for me to group all those fragmented moments and give them one voice that speaks to all the sides of me—the design addict, the fashion and food lover, the newly single woman, the traveler, and hopefully, it can do the same for people who share those interests and seek out inspiration.

How would I describe my style when it comes to decorating and fashion?

I think a room should never strike just one note. I love combining elements that seem like they shouldn’t work together but in fact, do. I think it creates a tension that brings intrigue and curiosity to a space. So a clean environment with eclectic oddities, luxurious textures next to raw ones, old pieces with new ones, that’s what gives a room character and depth. There are certain palettes I love—moody ones inspired by the sea or the skyline at dusk—or contrasting ones that combine natural hues with light pops of white, beige and pink.

I am a mad believer in Haute Couture, great fittings and finishes. I believe that each woman should have the freedom to dress according to their feelings and state of mind, and I also believe that you can have a very haute couture bohemian style that makes you comfortable.

Who are my style icons?

I’d love to combine Coco Chanel and Brigitte Bardot into one elegant, graceful sex kitten.

What’s your most unexpected source of inspiration?

Nature and the different cultures around the world are a great source of inspiration in my life. My grandchildren and the way they approach life and creativity are the most inspirational sources. The different shades of colors of the roses are continually reflected in the interiors and all the projects that I create. The blue of the Greek islands, mixed with rough stone, find their way into my inspiration. The amazing imagery in cookbooks and Facebook inspires me to create in the kitchen, and the foods I experience as I would love to travel to find inspiration to bring new flavors into my cooking and colors into my designs.

Where will I be spending my next year?
I will live in different homes around the world as I take off for my EAT, PRAY, LOVE tour from Los Angeles, eating, praying and loving as much as I can, as it’s my new endeavor!

Viva la vida!

In the meantime…. TATA lovies!

Pictures of my two favorite models who I love to style.  ❤️




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