Let’s talk about decor.

Your home is your own sacred space and lets you express your very human need for ongoing spiritual nourishment. You benefit from creating places where you intentionally choose what surrounds you.

Your home is a place to be reborn and renewed every day, it should be a place to find rest. Draw yourself inward and get closer to what it is in your heart.

Using décor, lighting, sculptures, altars, furniture and more will tangibly connect you with the sacred or spiritual side of yourself.

God is in the details“. The places you live and work can make your everyday life better. It helps you feel more centered, grounded and happy. Your definition of what’s home is as individual as a fingerprint. Yet unlike a fingerprint, your personal ideas and expression of what is home can evolve and change over time.

Residential design is the design of the interior of private residences. As this type design is very specific for individual situations, the needs and wants of the individual are paramount in this area of interior design.

In the past, interiors were put together instinctively as a part of the process of building. Interior design has been a consequence of the development of society and the complex architecture that has resulted from the development of industrial processes. The pursuit of effective use of space, user well-being and functional design has contributed to the development of the contemporary interior design profession.

In ancient India, architects used to work as interior designers. This can be seen from the references of Vishwakarma the architect – one of the gods in Indian mythology. Additionally, the sculptures depicting ancient texts and events are seen in palaces built in 17th century India.

Throughout the 17th and 18th century, and into the early 19th Century, interior decoration was the concern of the homemaker or, an employed upholsterer or craftsman who would advise on the artistic style for an interior space. Architects would also employ craftsmen or artisans to complete interior design for their buildings.

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